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Bootlid Spoiler

The Orimental Bootlid spoiler is one of the most aggressive spoilers currently available. It has been specifically designed and developed as a Universal spoiler and can easily be fitted onto most cars with a flat or semi-flat bootlid. On some cars it may be necessary to trim the front nose of the spoiler:

The spoiler has been designed with narrow mounting legs so that it can be fitted to as many cars as possible.

The spoiler costs only 230.00 inc UK Mainland postage and Packaging. As with all products this spoiler is supplied in a gelled finish which requires sanding prior to painting to match your car.

New Orimental 3 spoiler (3 legs  - no blade) and Orimental 2 (more rounded version better suited to some more modern rounded car) now available. Pictured below.

Orimental bootspoiler from Autofashion Orimental Bootlid spoiler
New Orimental 3 spoiler is available to fit most cars with a boot. No blade option, this unique spoiler is out of this world. 350 inc vat and Mainland P&P.
New Orimental 2 spoiler pictured here without the blade, is better suited to some more modern cars, and many that are a little more rounded.

Priced at 200 without the blade and 275 with optional blade this spoiler fits many cars quite easily.

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