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Colour Coding


NEW Generation MINI colour coding from 860 - this is the single most effective, and most cost effective modification you can make to your MINI - and age, any model.

Also MINI GP's look fabulous colour coded - why was this not done by BMW from new?

Above you can see the standard arches, skirts and aprons as the car arrived. Two hours later we had removed the black trims and replaced them with the new painted ones and the car was ready to leave. The transformation was unbelievable, the customer "over the moon" with how much nicer his Mini looked.

The interior of the MINI is very trendy to start with, but every other MINI is the same. A giant leap forward can be made by painting the silver trims.

Prices vary depending upon exact colour, and what you want painting. Prices start at around 500.

Please call for a specific quote if you need it.


Colour coding the headlight surrounds, or the Cooper S fuel filler gives the car a more upmarket look.

Chrome is great, but when every other car has it, it becomes a little common. It doesn't cost much for the exclusive look achieved here, but it definitely sets the car above a standard one.


Any MINI can be colour coded from the Basic Cooper's and ONE's to the Convertibles, Cooper S's, and even MINI's fitted with BMW Aero kits.


This car was booked in for colour coding before the customer has the car!!!

When it arrived it still had that new smell, and looks fabulous with colour coded arches and lips. The new colour suits the car so well.

We have now done several hundred of these colour coded MINI's, and every customer has been impressed by the huge difference it makes to the look of the car. We normally carry primed and ready to paint items in stock, waiting for your order. Your choice - we can fit for free, or post for free in the price!

New Generation cars also colour coded.

Colour coding the arches and lips on the Mini is the quickest, simplest, cheapest and most visually effective modification that you can make to the car. We have never worked out why BMW have not offered this as an option, or even on the S - it just looks so right!!

We have developed a high quality colour coding service, and are happy to fit the items for you or alternatively to post the items out. The basic package starts with the black plastic arches and lips. Correctly painting them is a very involved job which takes up to 13 hours in the body shop. How is this done? Details below:

  1. First job is one of the most important - chemically clean the plastic items to remove all traces of releasing agent, wax and silicone. This is a two stage process using high quality ultra strong paint preparation panel wiping chemicals.

  2. Thoroughly sand the complete components using a wet and dry paper - wet. The most important areas for adhesion are the corners, groves and edges. These are the hardest bits to reach, but are the most important to prepare.

  3. The items to be painted are then carefully placed on painting tables, secured using the mounting clips so they will not be blown away.

  4. They are then sprayed with a plastic adhesion promoter. This is a clear liquid that soaks into the plastic allowing the primer that is to follow to bond fully to the plastic. This must be allowed to penetrate and dry naturally which often takes up to 30 minutes.

  5. The next stage is to paint everything with a high build 2 pack primer. This has 20% flexible additive added to it to allow the primer to flex with the very flexible plastic - failure to add this will almost certainly cause the paint to peel off later.

  6. Once fully cured (we allow 3 days because the flexible additive retards full cure) the items are then thoroughly wet flatted to provide a good key for the final paint.

  7. The items are once again cleaned using preparatory cleaning solutions, and painted using a 2 stage clear and base finish. Once again this has flexible additive in the paint. They are again left for a couple of days to cure fully before being ready to post out to customers, or alternatively to fit to a customers car. 

Why such a long winded preparation process - surely you just use an aerosol primer and then paint them?

We have seen the results of using such aerosols, and not sanding the items. Any deviation from the procedure above usually leads to the paint parting company with the plastic which just looks awful. Also the basic plastic has a bubbly finish to it - all our items have a smooth finish which is achieved by doing things our way. We guarantee that our paint will not peel (accidents and impacts apart).

We have also been asked by several BMW dealers to paint the plastics for them after they had problems with paint peeling when done in their own bodyshops!!! After several attempts they simply asked us to do the job - our paint never peels! Why? Because we prepare each kit as above.

We are also able to paint any of the chrome parts on the car. Once again chrome has a reputation for paint peeling off. As with plastic this is always due to poor preparation by the body shop. For chrome (much of which is plastic chromed parts these days anyway) we carry out a very similar procedure to the plastic preparations above with the exception of the fact that we use an acidic primer to bite into the surface and give better adhesion.

Colour Coding Pricelist

To colour code 14 piece arch, skirts and lip kit on standard MINI One, Cooper, or Cooper S- exchange (includes FOC instillation or UK Mainland P&P) - Surcharge for damaged items - Pre 2005 cars


To colour code 14 piece arch, skirts and lip kit on standard MINI One, Cooper, or Cooper S- exchange (includes FOC instillation or UK Mainland P&P) - Surcharge for damaged items - 2005 spec cars


To colour code 14 piece arch, skirt and lip kit on standard MINI One, Cooper, or Cooper S - outright (includes FOC instillation or UK Mainland P&P) - Pre 2005 cars


To colour code 14 piece arch, skirt and lip kit on standard MINI One, Cooper, or Cooper S - outright (includes FOC instillation or UK Mainland P&P) - 2005 spec cars


To colour code Aero kit - please ask.


NEW   To colour code MINI GP   NEW


To paint satin black 6 piece chrome waist trim kit


To colour code 6 piece chrome waist trim kit


To colour code interior trim


To colour code upper and lower grill slats as per Cooper S


To colour code number plate light as per Cooper S


To colour code Cooper S chrome fuel filler


To colour code headlight surrounds


To colour code Cooper S indicator grills


To colour code door handles


To colour code PAS and radiator bottles under engine bay


Full Colour change paintjob



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