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Escort Mk 3 & 4

For the Mark 3 and Mark 4 Escort we offer the ever popular Cosworth and World Rally car styles of kit. Many of the components are shared between the kits. The front bumpers and tailgate spoilers are different, the rest is the same.

Our WRC kits are by far the most popular have been featured on the covers of both Fast Ford, and Performance Ford, and within Redline, Fast Car, Max Power, and Revs.

This Spring (2001) both Fast Car, and Fast Ford are featuring a white car with blue rally graphics which is entirely our kit, and Redline has a black car with the full kit - all from us.

The following 4 photos show a basic kit. This black RS Turbo retained the turbo kit, and simply used the Front and Rear Bumpers and Tailgate Spoiler. This is one of the most cost effective ways of obtaining the WRC look. The 17" wheels, and twin headlight ensure that this car always gets noticed.

Autofashion WRC front bumper, rear bumper, and tailgate spoiler
WRC Front bumper from Autofashion Autofashion WRC front bumper
Basic WRC Package on RS Turbo

The red vehicle in the following photos features the FULL package. It was used as the development vehicle for the new door skins and bonnet. 

The new door skins are simply bonded to the standard Mk4 doors to give the impression of the smoother and more modern Mk5. Colour coded handles and mirrors complete the transformation.

The new bonnet is available as single skinned or double skinned (as pictured). The front edge has been smoothed off, and the side flutes removes. The Cosworth style Bonnet vents help make this look more like the Escort Cosworth it wants to be.

Full WRC kit WRC Front bumper from Autofashion
New Cosi Mk5 style bonnet for Mk4 New Door skins finish off wings and skirts
WRC Tailgate spoiler Full Autofashion WRC kit

On the black convertible below both the new doorskins, and rear wings have had the styling lines blended out for a smoother look.

The M3 mirrors suit the car well, and allow good rear vision, which is essential when you have a WRC bootlid spoiler! With the roof down the rear spoiler still suits the car.

As can be seen here the headlights have been flushed into the wings, and indicators hidden within the headlights and lowers vents of the bumper.

The bootlid spoiler for the convertible is completely different from that used on the Saloon, and actually covers the whole top of the bootlid. It must therefore be bonded and blended out when fitted, as must the door skins.

This car was featured in Fast Car Spring 2001 - all our own work.

WRC kit on convertible Full WRC convertible kit by Autofashion
Smooth doorskins on WRC Convertible
WRC convertible tailgate spoiler Light conversion is definitely one-off!

Escort Mk3 and 4 Pricelist



WRC style front bumper


WRC/Cosworth Wide front wings (pair)


WRC/Cosworth Skirts for Wide wings (pair)


WRC/Cosworth Wide rear wings (pair)


WRC/Cosworth Wide rear wings for cabrio (pair)


WRC/Cosworth rear bumper (Escort)


WRC/Cosworth rear bumper (Orion)


WRC Tailgate spoiler


WRC/Cosworth Door skins


WRC/Cosworth Bonnet moulding - single skin


WRC/Cosworth Bonnet moulding - double skin


Full WRC/Cosworth kit




RST style arch/skirts kit (Escort)


RST style arch/skirt kit (Orion)


Twin Headlight conversion (self assembly - proper headlight conversion including quality Hella lenses)


Orion rear screen spoiler


M3 mirrors


Clio bonnet bulge (needs modifying for central fit)



Cosworth style front bumper on Orion Cosworth style front bumper on Orion
WRC/Cosworth rear bumper, along with rear screen spoiler and EVO bootlid spoiler

The WRC and Cosworth kits are identical except for the bootlid spoilers and front bumper. For wings, door skins, etc please see the WRC pages.

Cosworth Front bumper for Mk3/4 now discountinued

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