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MCT 170 Turbo

A true bolt-on turbo conversion, that can be reversed later if required. Battery relocated to the boot to free up space (and improve weight distribution). Conversion features ultra reliable Garrett turbo with internal wastegate which in this application boosts up to 7psi. This turbo is a very compact unit rated to over 225bhp, and has its own oil supply for lubrication, and water cooling for long life.

This Turbo is very well matched to it application having taken over a year of work to finalise the Turbo spec. This Turbo runs at an awesome 77-78 % efficiency from 3000rpm to the Redline!!! Compare that to a Supercharger struggling to get a 50% efficiency rating!

Full Boost arrives at around 3000 rpm  and remains at full boost until the red line - boost delivery better than a supercharger! A Standard Cooper S is on a little over half maximum boost at 3000 rpm and does not get full boost until 6750 rpm!

More than enough to waste a standard Cooper S, and the dump valve is just so much cooler. The standard High compression engine of the Cooper and One means the car is far more driveable than the sluggish Standard Cooper S off boost, and more economical too, and even has better emissions! Specially fabricated manifold mounts turbo and can link to standard Cat (if required). Kit includes everything needed and the kit can be fitted by us or by any competent mechanic. Kit includes:

  • Garrett turbo specially built to our spec.

  • Cast Tubular manifold, ported to match and stress relieved.

  • Downpipe from turbo to exhaust, including both Lambda sensor fittings. NOW MATES UP TO STANDARD EXHAUST

  • PAS and Water bottle re-location bracket.

  • Water cooling pipes - braided stainless steel.

  • Oil supply union and braided pipe.

  • Oil return braided stainless steel pipe.

  • Battery relocation kit - boot mount, cable, and genuine BMW connectors.

  • Aluminium inlet pipes (200 optional extra cost option inc high flow filter) , for plumbing of air feed and pressure feed pipes - with flanges, no cut down tube.

  • Dump valve if required - (100 option)

  • Estimated fitting time 20 hours (2.5 days). (We need cars in for a week for fitting inc rolling road)

  • Water Injection Package

  • Rolling Road report for "Before" and "After" figures for comparison.

Anticipated Power Output 170 bhp depending upon car*.

Cost of Kit 2342, fitting 525, Rolling road report 75 Dump valve 100  Inlet Kit 200

Available NOW - Phone for details.

All that is needed to fit this kit is the usual spanners, screwdrivers, and sockets. It is fully reversible.

*Power Figures. It is very difficult to quote actual power figures for your vehicle, as the actual output varies depending upon many factors, including the actual specification and condition of your engine, altitude, temperature, humidity, vehicle equipment levels, and numerous other factors. Those figures quoted are typical and are based upon our own experience of the kits listed above. They are not guaranteed on any particular vehicle. 
**MINI One must be remapped to MINI Cooper spec before conversion to reach full potential.

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