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Other Parts

During our time working on BMW MINI's (almost 6 years now) we have developed a number of parts for these cars. We had to because when we started nothing but the bare car was available. Also many manufacturers were not really sure how the MINI would be received by the general public, and so were actually quite slow to invest in the car. Now the choice is larger but our products still remain. Our induction kits and exhausts may not be top brand names but unlike some top brands which slow your car down (yes it is true) ours have all been developed on the rolling road to add to your cars basic characteristics, not detract from them.




Majic Kit


Front Apron


Pair Side skirts


Rear Apron (side exit as pictured above)


Bootlid Spoiler


Complete 5 piece kit


To Supply, fit and paint 4 piece kit


To Supply fit and paint 5 piece kit




Animal Wide Arch


Front Bumper


Pair Side skirts


Rear Bumper (Mini One, Cooper and Cooper S)


Set of Wheel arches (6 piece)


Bootlid Spoiler


Complete 11 piece kit


To Supply, fit and paint 11 piece kit




Other Products


White Bonnet Stripes


Black Bonnet stripes


35mm Lowering springs (estimated lowering)


50mm Lowering Springs (estimated lowering)


Fitting of springs with Laser Alignment contact SCA Race and Rally centre (Norwich) on (01603) 689909


Mini One and Cooper Direct Induction Kit (Stainless Body)


P.A.S. Bottle - Stainless Steel


Radiator Water Bottle - Stainless Steel



Autofashion MINI on the Rolling road Autofashion MINI on the rolling road

The centre exit twin DTM , and side exit exhaust has been tested and performed with great promise. They also look and sound great. 

The induction kit is ready, having been through various versions, and numerous prototype items have been rolling road tested. In these products we have concentrated on increasing low down torque where the MINI seems to need it most, and in particular the 3500rpm flat spot the car seems to have as standard.

In this way even without additional peak power the car is far faster on the road.

Autofashion MINI on the rollers

As you can see here the airflow takes a torturous route to freedom within the standard exhaust travelling the length of the box three times. 

The last turn is shrouded by the box itself allowing a very small gap only (left) - its amazing that the car runs at all!

The insides of this box do explain why the standard car is so quiet.

Many must be looking forward to the extra power available from a free flowing exhaust - wrong. The first few items we tried on the car were free flowing but gave less power!! Only after extensive testing have we been able to provide gains at all.

Autofashion induction kit 11b Autofashion centre exit conversion kit

Centre exit exhaust is to have  built in brackets. New pictures available soon.

Induction kit includes filter, pipe and silicone connection hose. Ready NOW. Torque graph pictured below. Very impressive gains low down where it really is needed.

Autofashion Lowering Springs - another first. We wanted lowering springs but none were available - so we had some made. Yours for 140.00 inc VAT and UK Mainland postage and packaging. 

Available in either  35mm or 50 mm drop.

4 Wheel Laser alignment highly recommended.


This Graph from the rolling road shows the important low down gains that this induction kit was designed to provide. Why does it do this when most other induction kits we have tested on the rolling road actually reduce peak power and worsen the 3500 rpm flat spot? Because our kit is simple, straight forward, and is classed as a "direct induction kit", i.e. the air goes directly into the throttle body without the ridiculous 90 turns that the standard airbox has, and which most inductions kits replicate.

Most induction kits simply replicate the standard airbox and its turns and twists with a bigger filter - BIG mistake, and its the reason most reduce peak power. On the standard car there are 9 separate 90 degree turns for the air to make over a distance of around 1 metre - all of this is restrictive, and effects power delivery.

Our induction kit reduces both the number of turns and the length in half, and this is where the increases come from, along with a high quality (expensive) K&N Filter, and not some 10p Chinese copy. This filter is well matched to the application - Bigger filter create larger flat spots in testing.

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