J & B Trading

Polythene products cover alot of areas from bubblewrap/pallewrap/polybags/carrier bags/refuse sacks/layflat tubing film/centrefold sheeting/grip seal polybags/rubble sacks/pallet covers and again much more.

We can also provide a service for polythene films to be printed with your requirements eg;warning notices.
some polybag sizes           *  200x250x200g =   8x10
                                           250x300x200g =  10x12
                                           300x375x200g =  12x15
                                           300x450x200g =  12x18
                                           500x750x200g =  20x30    * JUST A SAMPLE OF SIZES
Its best to call for prices because the market at the present climate is changing from week to week.
Bubblewrap films large or small bubble the large bubble have 45m per roll and the small bubble has 100m per roll
 some bubble sizes            *  300x100m small   x 5 per bundle                      
                                            500x100m small   x 3 per bundle
                                            750x100m small   x 2 per bundle
                                            1200x100m small x 1 roll
                                            1500x100m small x 1 roll 
                                 Large bubble the same but with 45m per roll