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Recessed Plates


Recessed Plate Fitment

What is this?

This is where a recessed metal plate is welded into position. This procedure is a preparation step for the actual installation of the Lambo Door conversion.

Why is it needed?

On most modern cars there is enough space to install a Lambo Door, which needs around 3-4 inches of clear space to operate to its maximum potential. Modern cars have this space as part of the side crumple zone. Older cars do not, and typically have only 1-2 inches, which seriously reduces the ability of a Lambo Door kit to operate.

Some other cars (mostly older) have weld on hinges and nowhere to bolt the Lambo Door kit to, and need a recessed plate to provide something significant to bolt the kit to.

How do I do it?

Remove all wiring from the surrounding area as this will catch fire with the welding needed, and also from the cutting.

Protect the glass from the welding/grinding.

Mark the area

You need a large grinder cut out a large proportion of the A post, and weld into place the recessed plate. The Lambo Door can then be bolted into position as normal. See pictures below.


It is vital that the strength removed when cutting into the A post is replaced. That is the reason that the plate we supply tends to be between 6mm and 10mm thick depending upon application.

Welding must be carried out to a high standard. Full penetration welds between thick and thin metal is a challenge we would not use a MIG of less than 300 Amp for this job pigeon shit welds are worthless for any job, for this they will be dangerous.

The plate MUST be 100% seam welded into position stitching, tacking or spot welds are neither suitable, safe nor legal.


This is at the highest level of complexity of Lambo Door installation. If you find yourself unable to carry out this work, then we are only too happy to do it for you. If you really struggle then please call 08707518518 for a quote. We are happy to carry out as little or as much as you need.



This is a typical A post in need of a recessed plate to get decent lambos working. Here you can see the wing, and wiring, plus the door have been removed, to prevent damage. We use a 9 inch grinder to remove the bulk of the metal, and 4.5 inches grinders to tiny up afterwards.
The large plate being fitted is used as a template. This plate must be large enough to fit the lambo door mechanism to, and positioned to allow adjustment, and correct operation of the kit.

The technique is to draw around the plate and then cut slightly inside it with the 9 inch grinder. Then tidy up with the smaller grinder so the plate "just" fits - as this will make the welding far easier.

Accuracy is important if both sides of the car are to be the same.

Here you see the A post cut open - please be under no illusion - this is a significant part of the strength of the car, and that strength must be put back - that's why the plate is so thick
The plate in position and ready for welding.

This must be seam welded.

Plate is fully welded, and ready for paint.
With this type of recessed plate there is no need to compromise on the height of the door, and it is normally possible to get the door to open far higher than those cars without recessed plates.

The Civic in the background has a old style bolt on kit

Here you can see a similar plate fitted to an E36.
This allows the doors to open quite high.
Another recessed plate car about to be painted. The Optimum space is as much as you can really 3 inches should be considered the minimum, 3.5 inches better, and 4 inches even better if the car allows.

All measurements from the inside of the installed wing, to the outside of the recessed plate.

Any problems then please do not be afraid to call.


Once you have installed the plate, it can then be drilled and tapped in the correct position for your lambo door kit to bolt onto. This procedure is a conversion for mainly older, and European cars which either do not have enough space under the wing, or else have welded hinges.


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