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We are pleased to announce a dedicated fit kit for the Citroen Saxo and Peugeot 106, which fits both early and late cars. The kit retains the normal high lift and high stability design we use. This is a major step forward because in the past customers have tended to use universal, or Civic kits which simply do not work properly on the Saxo, and result in doors that only open to 40 degrees, AND door cards that are solidly in collision with the A pillar. As you can see here the doors on the Lambotek Saxo/106 kit open really high, and the cards are clear of the pillar.

We apologise if this has reduced our so called competitors to tears. We know that absolutely no-one anywhere can compete with this level of lift and refinement on a bolt-on kit. Sorry. Why both with a half Lambo kit that opens only to 40 degrees before damaging your door card and paint. If they won't show you the side shot you just know its because its a half a Lambo!!! (A Limbo kit you might say)

All Lambotek kits open high, and the New LK500 kits with 5 bearings per arm and fully covered rams must be the best kits anywhere in the world today. Tested with both large wheels (19's) and Hydraulics this kit will clear your wheels and your door card.

This is a customers car (Mr.Sinclair) which used our LK200 kit Universal kit, which was always hard work on the Saxo/106. With his Dad he seems to have done an excellent job. Well done.

The new dedicated fit kit takes most of the hard work out of the job, and opens even further.

Price for the new kit is 750, and fully fitted 1500.

This is another customers car, although this time a 106 and belongs to proud owner and regular show goer John Jenkins.

This car actually uses the LK100 universal kit because John had the kit before the proper 106/Saxo kit was developed. The new kit is far easier to fit, and opens higher than Universal or Civic kits, although that does mean it was a far harder achievement to get the universal kit on this tiny car. Well done mate.

Just compare the lift on this car with the Gold car above.

Only 1 door opens in the photos because the drivers ram has failed - because it is not covered as stated in our instructions, and the road dirt has caused the seal to fail.

You can actually see the ram in the photo above - not something that is likely to help the ram last very long!

 A cover is now supplied with all kits and about to be fabricated for this car.

The new dedicated kit has its own ram covers so this type of problem is unlikely to be seen in future, on our kits - it is very much a problem on all our competitors kits, where rams often only last a few weeks!!


As you can see above, the new Saxo kit bears little resemblance to other Civic based Lambo door kits. This is because of our policy of developing proper kits for each car, and not just re-drilling Civic kits as others do.


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