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Y131 GEX

July 7th 2001.

The Big day. After 4 years of waiting we finally get to see our car. We have never driven a MINI, and despite paying BMW a large deposit in January it was only a month ago that they told us how much it would be, and what the spec would be. The car looked great, and handled superbly. Little did we know that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

July 8th 2001.

We have fitted 18inch wheels to the car. Acceleration is marginally down, but it looks superb. Tramlines slightly but not as bad as many cars. A certain wheel/spring manufacturer claims "available now" lowering springs for the new MINI. When we try to order them the ums, and ahs, turn into "well they are not actually available now, it will be months - we faked the pictures on the computer". We doubt that they even have a MINI, and have our own lowering springs made. These are now available for everyone to buy at the reasonable price of 140.00 inc VAT/post.

Laser alignment is advised after fitting lowering spring - and wow what a difference. If we thought the car handled well out of the box this is nothing to how it handles when set-up, lowered and with the larger wheels. It will beat far faster cars through corners, and the brakes are something else. My BMW 850 (180mph car) does not brake as well as my new MINI!!!

July 16th 2001.

Autofashion has developed the World first bodykit for the new BMW MINI. What a coup. BMW's bodykit won't be available for months, most of the specialists don't have their cars yet, and our kit is already in production!!!

The kit was the result of many many hours of work, starting with plastercine originals, taking light weight moulds which were worked on the car until they were a good fit and then proper moulds were taken.

August 2001.

Have drawn white bonnet stripes on the car and have decided to make some. BMW are going to do some but they are not available yet and are not scheduled until December. Now available at 25/set including VAT/postage and packaging from Autofashion.

August 2001.

Exhaust now available. After many attempts we have the best power/noise compromise. Stainless rear box with 4" tailpipe - beautiful. Straight through boxes generate less horsepower and torque!!

September 2001.

Kicker Stereo fitted into boot of car. Standard speakers sound great but simple addition of Kicker sub, and amp take it to another level.

December 2001.

First fitted Turbocharger to MINI. We used a large Turbo from Garrett that we had - a T3, and a fabricated Manifold, along with stainless exhaust - WOW. There was a  little more lag than desired as the first Turbo was not as well matched as it might be, but with 225 bhp I really did not care - this is the car I wanted when we bought the car. Looks gorgeous, goes gorgeous - fantastic. Of course most people still do not have MINI's and its still a major decision as to weather or not to fit bonnet stripes!!! We lead other follow - its just the way it is.

Our car just before we got the keys. Big thank you to Lind of Norwich It lasted 24 hours before we modified it!!

These are just about the only Photos we have of our car in its original state, because it did not stay that way for long. Compared to the car now they look pretty tame and very bare, just the way most new MINI's look when you get them!

Autofashion MINI fitted with Majic kit Majic kit and Autofashion bonnet stripes
Majic kit and Autofashion lowering springs Majic kit and Majic tailgate spoiler from Autofashion
Autofashion Majic kit

The new BMW MINI Majic kit consists of a front apron, side skirts, rear apron, and optional tailgate spoiler. 

The kit is bonded over the existing black plastic lips, which makes is quick and easy to fit. The standard arches are then colour coded.

The body kit has been designed to be easy to fit, with the minimum of down time. The kit should be able to be fitted and painted by most bodyshops in a couple of days, and a week at the worst.

The Car was featured in Performance BMW December 2001, and in Revs February 2002 issue, published December 29th 2001, and in Mini Mag. Autumn 2001.

Autofashion MINI on the Rolling road Autofashion MINI on the rolling road
Autofashion MINI on the rollers

Our car spent quite a lot of its early life been torn apart, having items removed and replaced with test ones, and quite a bit of time on the rolling road.

Already a multi-feature car - it will be back - faster, better, and more outrageous than anything we have done before....

Boot install is very subtle, and compact (yet still manages to rob all the boot space) and thanks to Kicker packs a real punch.

This install also drops the back of the car by almost 3/4 inch!

The amp is very heavy as is often the case with quality gear, and so is the sub. The small box is made from 1inch MDF and is also no lightweight.

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